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2014-07-01 Review: Aerith from Bandai

Character: Aerith Gainsborough

Series: Final Fantasy 7

Manufactor: BANDAI/1997

Scale: 1/12

Material: resin

Parts 17

Cast: 8/10 points

Fitting: 8/10 points

Youtube Video Review

2014-09-01 Review: Elizabeth by SKY

name: Elizabeth
series: Persona 3
scale: 1/8 (9 cm)
pieces: 11
price:  WF 2000 Yen
Manufactor: Sky/2013 (WF)

Cast: 5/10 Punkten

Fitting: 8/10 Punkten

Youtube review video

A personal must have.

Packing was only a plastic bag, no protection at all.

Includes a parts list. Not included the decal cards and the card for in her hand.

Cast was a bit disappointing many airbubbles in the clear parts but fitting is nice. Many resin leftover on the most parts. Resin is a soft white resin, you can easy make scratches. -.-

2014-20-06 Review: Shino Bust

name: Shino
series: .hack\\GU
scale: 1/6
pieces: 25
price: 39 US$ + shipping
Manufactor: GK model (Aida A)

Cast: 10/10 Punkten

Fitting: 10/10 Punkten

shipping/packing: good/very good

2015-20-02 Review: Water 003

name: Water 003

series: Duplex Divine

scale: 1/8

manufactor: Kaiyodo

sculptor: Kagawa Masahiko/ illustratror: Asamiya Kia

Cast: 9/10 Punkten

Fitting: 8/10 Punkten

A very nice cast, only the water looks a bit strange when you look closely. Fitting is quite good, but the clear part is cut to many parts so it will be a pain to fitt them together so I can make the thing clear blue.

2015-03-04 Review: Hatsune Miku - bless you

chara: Hatsune Miku

series: Vocaloid

manufactor: Atelier Hiro

scale: 1/8

parts: 75

parts list: yes

release: WF Winter 2015

price: 9000 Yen


Cast: 5/10

Fitting: 7/10

Packing was a nicely pinted box. She has a lot of parts, 75 parts. She will be a bit of a puzzle.

Cast looks okay, no big bubbles, but a lot to clean on the edges. Fitting is good, but need to bend the skit parts to get them on.

Also you need to bend the ribbons for her shoes and wrist from the flat resin pieces by yourself. I think about a replacement for those parts.

2015-03-04 Review: Suzukaze

chara: Suzukaze
manufactor: Reply Form
price: ????
release: WF Winter 2015
scale/size: 1/8, 20 cm
parts: 23
instructions/part list: non

cast: 10/10
fitting: 09/10


Came in a little printed box, parts were in a single bag, no protection.

Cast is pretty nice no big taps or mold lines. Fitting is super smooth.